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Post by GreenTeaSake on Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:41 am

I was in Ghost Soldiers, one of Rebiv's allied clans for four months, inactivity, and bad leadership was present. Warfighter(GS lead) and Rebiv had a scuffle
over the attending of practices. I backed Rebiv up on it, because for the most part Warfighter was in the wrong. I left on bad terms, and joined TAR after months of bad leadership, and constant inactivity in GS. Warfighter planned on severing ties with TAR, I went with TAR because they were active.

As long as you are outside of TAR or GS, you are treated like absolute shit by Rebiv. Rebiv's protection is lying to his members, persuading them into seeing his distorted reality. He did a real good job at it, he made CFP look like they were a bunch of kids, and orders for TAR members to attack CFP members were constantly being given, that's right, you heard it right.

TAR itself is composed of late teen, to late twenties aged gentlemen, with the exception of Harrison, my old baby :-). For the most part, they're a great group of guys to play with. For some of you, maybe a lot, we disrespected you. There was no excuse for this, and I owe you my sincere apologies. Rebiv is an asshole, and treated us like shit, shit rolls downhill, and at the bottom of that hill beyond your average TAR grunt was the players who occupied our server. Please, respect TAR members, and they will respect you.

I disagreed with a lot of Rebiv's conduct, and how he ran things. Basically, you had two ways of becoming an admin, sticking around for a long time, or helping Rebiv build his ego, basically sucking up to him.

Rebiv is above god to sum it up, if you aren't Rebiv, you're WRONG is the simplest way of putting it.

TAR is a great group of guys, again, and the only problem is Rebiv!


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